Switch Zoo

Your job is for you and your partner to make some crazy animal mixups!

1. Make a new page
Title: _&_ switch zoo
Template: Switchzoo crazy animal
Tags: your username, partner's username, & either (seleyzoo, malizoo,frishzoo,wallzoo)
Save your page and open another tab (Command T)
2. Go to Switchzoo website
3. Create an animal or 4(that's 2 each) when you are done take a screenshot Command(snowflake)+Shift+4__ and save it to your documents.
  • Open and edit your switchzoo page so you can drop your picture in. click File-->upload files--->select yours from documents
4.Then Write a paragraph about:
  • where they live
  • what they eat
  • how they hunt or hide
  • what are their special features for
  • whats their habitat or biome
  • whats funny about them
  • are they endangered
  • any other cool facts

5.If done with that you can play the other games on the rest of the site by starting the Switchzoo Quest. Go here for instructions and start!

SELEY ZOO (pages tagged seleyzoo)

MALI ZOO (pages tagged malizoo)

WALL ZOO (pages tagged wallzoo)

FRISH ZOO (pages tagged frishzoo)