Paper Airplane Design Challenge

We are going t figure out how to make the best paper airplanes that fly the using data, measurement and creativity.

*first steps are to make your wiki page
Page Title: partner and your first name's Airplane Documentation
Template: Paper plane
Tags:Username1 Username2 Username3, seley/frishman/mali/wallington, plane

Main Steps

  1. Design a plane
  2. Test for accuracy, distance, & flight time
  3. Document results - Photos and results
  4. Discuss similarities and differences among designs, hypothesize why some were better than others.
  5. Fill in wiki page results and reflections
  6. Iterate - Repeat steps 1-5 for a total of 4 plane designs

Resources-Spend a day looking through these links to get your best designs, before you start building.

  • Send your documentation to our classroom flickr account- Did you know your device will EASILY send pics of your plane and documentation to flickr to then download?? ITS AWESOME!
  • Our class photostream
  • To use our photostream and upload the pictures from your device see instructions HERE

Student Documentation

Seley (pages tagged seley, plane)

Wallington (pages tagged wallington, plane)

Mali (pages tagged mali, plane)

Frishman (pages tagged frishman, plane)