Michigan Mystery "Postcards"

Your job is for you and your partner to come up with a postcard theme, an image that would go on the front, a title that you'd see on the post card and then clues get your audience to guess where you are.
create a mystery Michigan destination that you will be advertising by using clues about the place.
The answer should be the landmark or city name in Michigan.
Ex. If you are doing Tiger stadium, a picture of the stadium would be a total give away. A picture of a ball or bat or hotdog, might be more tricky to figure out
My clues might be something like:
1.hear the roar of the crowd
2. take a swing at guessing this place
3. people go there all spring and summer long to have a ball!

When we finish the project we can visit our classmate's pages and guess their locations in the comments section:


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