We are going to learn about EMAIL!

1. Joys
2. Heartbreaks
3. Uses
4. Dangers
5. Tips for smart emails.
  • attachments
  • pictures
  • links





The task!

1. Have all t he third graders join the wiki. 4th graders help!
2. Learn about good emailing and bad.

3. Email Mrs. Heckman
  • With proper formatting and greeting, and closing.
  • a list of your top 5 favorite things to do (hobbies)
  • 2 questions you have, for her? science? hobbies? Baby name ideas?
  • Give a closing, and sign your name.
  • Put a subject in the email (think hard about a good subject)
  • Send it to jheckman@birmingham.k12.mi.us

4. Email from the options on the board or email Mrs. Frishman (jfrishman) a friendly letter telling her how things are going for you. Explain you are learning how to use your email. (maybe she'd write back) :)