Soccer Ball.pngWho am I?

(Insert picture that doesn't give away your identity, could be favorite pet, place, sport etc)
HOW TO INSERT A PICTURE: (delete text after you've done it)
  1. press command+t to open a new tab without closing this one
  2. google search appropriate images. control+click to Save image as in your documents folder
  3. go back to your page in edit mode and insert File
  4. press the blue upload images button and locate your saved picture.
  5. choose it and let it load, then click it once it shows up on the list. TA-DA!!

What makes this person interesting, special or unique?

  • He is german
  • He is awsome
  • he has been to germany

Favorite Foods?

  • pizza
  • ice cream

Places I've Traveled?

  • germany
  • fiorda
  • mackina island

Favorite School Appropriate Websites

  • myon
  • cooler math
  • Coolmath

Credit for Picture

(put website address here)