charlotte and clara claire

Rube Goldberg Movie Project

1. Research

View these Links/ videos to find the answers to these questions
A little Rube Goldberg history

how to build your own

Ideas on segments


Build your own

PLAY and practice
Play and make the RG machine work at PBS KIDS
Play and make the RG machine work at FOSS
Play Tinker Ball Tinker Ball
Play Fetch by solving the puzzles Dish it out!!
Dragon fly machine maker puzzles
Play Dynamic Systems

What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

It is machine to do a simply task

How does a Rube Goldberg Machine work?

What materials can you use to build one?

Who was Rube Goldberg?

What does it mean to transfer energy kinetically?

2. Design

Sketch out on paper, your group's design for your segment of the RG machine.
POST a picture of it-HERE!

3. Production Planning

Assign materials list to each person. (If you bring in special things from home label your items)
Person 1-
Person 2-
Person 3-

Set a deadline to bring them in here BRING ALL MATERIALS IN BY

4. Make and Testing

Build your segment of the RG machine and see if it works successfully over and over each time the same way with no help from human hands.
You can post pictures of how it looks when you are building from your device.
You might need to make changes along the way.
Test and re-test until it works the same way almost every time.

5.Connecting and Filming

Once your section works on its own, we will connect it to the other sections in the class so it is all connected. Once all sections are connected, we will film it all at once.

6. Reflecting on your process

Here is where you and your partners reflect on how it went.
Something we were good at:

Something we needed extra help with:

Something we wish we did:

Someone else's work that we really admired:

A grade that we would give ourselves: